Mar. 7th, 2012

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In 1997/1998, me and another fan author (writing as Carmen Bizet) put out a small zine called "Episode 69" where we took the same basic story contexts for multiple stories in the Episode IV-V-VI universe (this is PRE PHANTOM MENACE, PEOPLE, that's right, before episodes I-II-III) and wrote 'em. Being very different writers, there was no overlap in ideas. Fun was had.

I just found a box with 10 copies of the fanzine. One's mine, and if anyone's interested in one of the remaining 9, by all means, let me know and we can discuss it.

What I haven't found are complete electronic copies of all of my stories in the zine. I sincerely hope they're not only on the old DOS box that I built around '94 because that may have been permanently water damaged last summer. And I haven't turned it on in probably 7 years. And look at that dust. And cat fur. But didn't I have notes for that one SG-1 story on that machine, too? The story I never wrote?

I have found electronic copies of 3 of the 5 of my stories in the zine, and two of Carmen's but I don't have her permission to publish those online. I'm undecided as to whether I should put mine up as a collection on AO3 (whether it's just 3 or all 5 of my stories from the zine). It doesn't seem right to do so as a collection without Carmen's in there, too, since they're really meant to go together, and, I think it would be neat to re-release the zine online - hey, just like George Lucas re-releasing the films, only Han still shoots first!

I dunno. I guess I'll sleep on it.


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