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Ooooo! I like it.

Would Servalan be Col. Bishop, or would Travis? Hmmmm. And which version of the seven?

It could work this way with some heavy re-writing to add a plot about putting the king on his throne (sounds like some warped "Sea Hawk" in here, too, then).

1. Backstory between Blood (Avon) and the man who would be king (Blake) to connect their plotlines.
2. Blood's nemesis is Bishop (Servalan), but Blake's is Capt. Lavesseur (Travis, who really should be played by Basil Rathbone), who is secretly working against the king's ascension when he hooks up with Blood. That helps keep the two plots together and makes the Captain deliciously evil.
3. Ship's master Pitt would probably be Vila, then. But there needs to be an air of Cally/Dayna to him - perhaps split the role b/w two characters? First mate and a Ship's Master? Master and Navigator?
4. Perhaps Del Tarrant is one of the Spanish who Blood treats with in order to escape, and then joins up with him.
5. Maybe Blake is Arabella and the man who would be king at the same time. Hm...
6. And Soolin is a pirate, through and through, but an honorable one. More or less.

Of course, with this many mods, I'll wind up writing it as original fiction and not a fanfic piece at all. :-)

on 2009-11-29 05:11 pm (UTC)
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Of course Avon/Villa doesn't quite parallel Blood/Pitt, but the convergence sounds delicious.

on 2009-11-30 03:23 am (UTC)
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I know exactly nothing about Blake's 7, but isn't Peter Blood pretty clearly against trying to put someone on the throne?


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