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Eames leaned seductively against the adobe wall in shirtsleeves, playing with the toothpick in his mouth as shade and sun played over him at the breeze's whim.

Of course, Eames did everything seductively, as far as Arthur was concerned. Sometimes he even did Arthur.
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I liked this episode much better, except:

spoilers below the cut )
Still, this episode has lifted my spirits about the series and I'm not jumping up and down eager to see the next episode, I'm not dreading it, either. Also, Mrs. Hudson was hilarious. Possibly OOC, but hilarious.
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Arthur from Inception would totally cosplay as Chirrut Imwe from SW Rogue One.
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It's been over a year since I've last posted. I've recently realized that AO3 has so much stuff it seems like I don't need to go anywhere else for anything fannish, so I tend not to check out my reading page. Dang!

Fandoms I've enjoyed (writing or reading) this past year or so:

A little _Marvel's Daredevil_ (reading), a little Marvel Cinematic Universe/Captain America (reading - some really great Steve/Bucky out there, writing - a couple Iron Man stories) a lot of _Inception_ (Arthur/Eames, 46 stories written and counting, and there is some terrific work by other authors in this fandom).
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This post will likely get updated further as I work out the ideas.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: It is the intent of this document to plan for the preservation of my creative fannish work written and published under the name Apple Cameron in electronic formats beyond my own lifespan for the enjoyment of others.


I, Apple Cameron,, am a fannish persona whose non-fannish true name is known to individuals behind the following fannish person(a)s:

1. Elke Tanzer
2. Tanacawyr

In the event of my demise or long-term disability, I authorize these persons indicated by their personas' names above to access and archive stories posted as applecameron ("Apple Cameron") on the following websites, archives, or journaling services: (all content on this account should be replicated on dreamwidth) (all content on this account was created to mirror my livejournal account and should have been replicated on dreamwidth) (all content on this account was created to mirror my livejournal account and should have been replicated on dreamwidth)
Archive of Our Own (
A Teaspoon and an Open Mind ( (All Whovian stories by Apple Cameron are also found on AO3)
Hip Deep in Heroes ( (All B7 stories by Apple Cameron are also found on AO3)

I authorize the services providing me accounts under the name applecameron ("Apple Cameron") on the websites listed above to permit access to the person(a)s listed above for archival purposes.

This authorization to access and archive does not extend to original non-fannish works by me. This authorization does not extend to creative work published under my true name or variations of my true name (via the addition or deletion of initials, etc.). This authorization does not extend to creative work published under another pseudonym unless that pseudonym is specifically listed here.


If you are the maintainer of an archive that I've forgotten about, please leave a comment so I can decide now what I'd like done with the work(s) in question and include instructions for the disposition of my archived work currently in your hands. Thank you.

Edited to Add: Livejournal account, insanejournal account, and greatestjournal (if I ever even created one, GJ seems defunct) now deleted.
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I'm hopelessly Arthur/Eames, and I also read Ariadne as asexual and probably aromantic.

I had a running list in this post, but I'm just going to link to my Inception fics on AO3 here instead: Inception stories by Apple Cameron.

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Five Things Foggy Nelson Knows About Matt Murdock
by Apple Cameron
Fandom: Marvel's Daredevil (TV)
No spoilers

Five Things )
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(I haven't kept up on this show, so I'm re-watching from the start before I embark on season 3. Please: no spoilers.)

Thought for the day, after watching eps 1-12 of season one over a couple of weeks: A lot of Oliver's problems would probably be solved if he and his best bud Diggle would just stop being so gender-performatively masculine and fucking HUG. Cry, for Christ's sake.
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takes place after Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Wouldn't it be perfect if Thor so consistently refers to Dr. Jane Foster as a brilliant scientist that all his Asgardian relatives tend to assume it is either her full name or her official title, Brilliant Scientist Dr. Jane Foster?
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Title: The Telegram
Fandom: Magnificent Seven (TV)
Pairings: Ezra Standish/Li Pong
Spoilers: None

The Telegram )
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Title: untitled
Fandom: Iron Man (movies)
Spoilers: none
Category: vignette, humor, genderswap
Date: I wrote this, according to the filestamp, in January 2009.

untitled genderswap vignette )
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Not that I have much to say here, either. :-)
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In 1997/1998, me and another fan author (writing as Carmen Bizet) put out a small zine called "Episode 69" where we took the same basic story contexts for multiple stories in the Episode IV-V-VI universe (this is PRE PHANTOM MENACE, PEOPLE, that's right, before episodes I-II-III) and wrote 'em. Being very different writers, there was no overlap in ideas. Fun was had.

I just found a box with 10 copies of the fanzine. One's mine, and if anyone's interested in one of the remaining 9, by all means, let me know and we can discuss it.

What I haven't found are complete electronic copies of all of my stories in the zine. I sincerely hope they're not only on the old DOS box that I built around '94 because that may have been permanently water damaged last summer. And I haven't turned it on in probably 7 years. And look at that dust. And cat fur. But didn't I have notes for that one SG-1 story on that machine, too? The story I never wrote?

I have found electronic copies of 3 of the 5 of my stories in the zine, and two of Carmen's but I don't have her permission to publish those online. I'm undecided as to whether I should put mine up as a collection on AO3 (whether it's just 3 or all 5 of my stories from the zine). It doesn't seem right to do so as a collection without Carmen's in there, too, since they're really meant to go together, and, I think it would be neat to re-release the zine online - hey, just like George Lucas re-releasing the films, only Han still shoots first!

I dunno. I guess I'll sleep on it.
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Seems appropriate for a vid about Sam Carter, SG-1. Cuz she's 'so far away' pretty regularly.


She's so far...
She makes my head...
I found my soldier girl
She's so far away
She makes my head spin around
I found my soldier girl
She's so far away
She makes my head spin around
I found my soldier girl
She's so far away
She makes my head spin around
I found my soldier girl
She's so far away
She makes my head spin around
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Yes, I'm behind the times, I know. I didn't enjoy A Study in Pink or the Blind Banker as much as I wanted to. I felt the criminal problem wasn't difficult enough. Maybe I should go back to the books and see how complicated the criminal problems there are. I dunno. I also wasn't keen on several of the camera tricks, but those seem to have been de-emphasized over time. I did, however, really enjoy The Great Game, or at least part one of it, which I guess is the cliffhanger end of Series One. That's it, right? Only three episodes?

I really like Martin Freeman as Watson. So...I guess I'll keep up with the show as best as someone who doesn't really watch TV can.


Jul. 9th, 2011 07:31 pm
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I think you might like this SG-1 story if you haven't seen it already. It features multiple universe's worth of SG-1 teams trying to reconnect with each other across space and dimensions after various deaths. It's really good.

Jigsaw - by Dira Sudis

(Of course, in a moment, I'll realize you were probably the one who recommended it to me, but hey, other people might want to know, too!)
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by [personal profile] thebratqueen. Because, really, why not?

I was going to say more, but: not necessary.


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