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"Mr. Hornblower?" I'm waiting, Mr. Hornblower. "You don't normally take this long. Come, come, let's see your slate."

Simpson fidgeted next to him.

The image, very clearly present in his mind, of Simpson's fist drawn back and then hurtling towards his own face, the resulting blossom of bright pain upon impact, and the inevitable swelling and dull throb that would make him so excruciatingly self-conscious, so horrifyingly pitied,

Could not,

Would not,

could not stop his hand from writing the correct answer.

That fist would never be more powerful than the truth.
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[ profile] cortese mentioned something about the 'Scotch' story linked in the previous post, and that got us onto a chinwag about brevity, and the usual assessment that the haiku is my native habitat.

Then, silly me, I said the two words 'pornographic' and 'haiku'.

15 minutes later --

Two haiku, variations on a theme.

Author: Apple Cameron
Fandom: Hornblower
Pairing: H.H. A.K.
Spoilers: What, in a haiku? Even I would have to work a little at that. (No, wait, *squints for a moment*...yeah, I could do it. That wouldn't be hard, actually. It's all about word choice, baby.)

the PG-13/R one, for the romantics )

the NC-17 one , for the rest of us )
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Dr Who 8/Sam - Hornblower crossover. 'bout 125 words.

"Sam! Welcome back!"

"What's with the hat?" Sam asked.

The Doctor tripped over himself and looked down at the floor, avoiding Sam's gaze. "Ought to fix that bump, there." He removed the hat and tucked it under his left arm. His hair was pulled back.

"I said, what's with the hat?"

"What hat?"

Sam crossed her arms. Very slowly, very obviously, she looked the Doctor up -- yummy as always -- and then down -- unchanged yumminess -- and spoke carefully. "What. Is. With. The. Hat?"

The Doctor reached for the hat under his arm and stared at it as if he'd never seen it before. "Nothing." The cheery, innocent smile hit her full force. "Nothing at all."

He wasn't wearing his usual outfit, either.

"OK, then what's with the uniform?"
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Author: Apple Cameron, September 2003
Fandom: Hornblower
Spoilers: Mutiny, Retribution
Keywords: conversation, introspection
Rating: all audiences

It's not Doctor Who, but a Bush-fic, so let's call it one last (unexpected) entry for the Versaphile Birthday Project™.

Promises )
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Bush. For Versaphile.

Spoilers for "Hornblower: Mutiny".

Author: Apple Cameron, Sept 2003
Title: Underwater
Fandom: Hornblower
Pairing: Bush/Hornblower
Keywords: almost drowned, vignette

underwater )
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by: Apple Cameron, Sept 10 2003
regarding: Hornblower ("Mutiny")
starring: the four leftenants of HMS Renown

After the gun exercise:

The three leftenants gathered at the rail, grinning as one.

For just a moment, stress and strain were forgotten.

Buckland was happy because the crew was starting to come together.

Bush was happy to be doing the work God put him on earth to do, amongst men who felt the same.

Kennedy was happy because his spirit was always with others: if they were happy, he was happy.

The focus of their attention, one Horatio Hornblower, danced naked in the water and laughed.
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'k, versaphile, he's sort of the center of attention, and sort of not. Best I could do on short notice.

Can't call it a drabble, too many words.

Title : "After The Court-Martial"
Author : Apple Cameron, 2003
Category: driblet, introspective characterfic
Rating : general audience
What : Horatio Hornblower (TV)
People : Lieutenant Bush. Lieutenant Hornblower.
Archive: contact the author.

Spoilers for "Mutiny" and "Retribution".

After The Court-Martial )


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