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I liked this episode much better, except:

Mary's pretty manipulative, even though she's saying things that are probably true (is Watson written as someone who can't accept help in this series? I ask that sincerely) but telling Sherlock to get himself into trouble so John can rescue him is kind of insulting to John. Like there's an Operator's Manual to John Watson and you just type in the right commands. It puts Sherlock's descent (yes, he said it was a plan, early on) in a less genuine light that's not flattering once you stop to think about it. So, that made me a little uncomfortable.

The whole wankery with this 3rd Holmes sibling makes no sense at all. Completely unnecessary. If you need a character to inherit Moriarity's criminal mastermind mantle, look to canon - Sebastian Moran. Or, mirror the Sherlock-Mycroft relationship, and give Moriarity an elder sibling. That would make for some fun parallels.

Still, this episode has lifted my spirits about the series and I'm not jumping up and down eager to see the next episode, I'm not dreading it, either. Also, Mrs. Hudson was hilarious. Possibly OOC, but hilarious.

on 2017-01-11 09:12 am (UTC)
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And how did Sherlock, of all people, not recognise his own sister?

on 2017-01-11 09:36 am (UTC)
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Although, now I think of it, those flashbacks of the kid and dog in the water may mean that Sherlock hasn't seen Eurus/Euros since they were children.

As for Sherrinford - maybe another sib? After all, "people give up after three". :-)


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