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Title: Nike
Author: Apple Cameron
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: f/m, Hooch/Snape, for the Rare Het Challenge
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Woman. Man. Sex.
Category: Vignette, PWP.

They were seated on the edge of the bed, that beast with two backs, the magical creature that needed no magic to create it.

She clenched something inside and he jerked, making a long gasp, eyes closed to mere slits.

Found his voice. "My Nike. Winged goddess."

She nipped at the side of his neck, swiftly, like a predatory bird, then slowly drew his earlobe into her mouth, alternately holding and releasing it.

"Your...tormenter." Came the suggestion.

"My --" It took two tries. "My tormenter." Her hips slowed. Drawing out the torture. Entirely willing victim, of course.


She pushed on his chest, forcing them down on the bed, forcing him onto his back. Lips found his ear again. "Why you, my snake in the grass? Why you, on these long nights?"

"Yessssssssss." They began to move again. One riding, one ridden. She liked to be on top. She liked a great many things.

"Why?" The plea made a counterpoint to the motion of their bodies. His hands moved to cup her breasts, but she gripped his fingers and pushed them down to the bed.


She smiled, wickedly, rapaciously, then leaned forward, the tip of her nose brushing against Snape's. The change in angle of their bodies made him moan, and she doubled her pace.

Her lips touched his.

"Because Wood hasn't graduated yet."

And laughed out loud, squeezing him tight and making the world dissolve.

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Posted by [personal profile] spiffypears
This is not as crazy or as ooc as I would have imagined.


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