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Magnificent Seven - the TV series. Well, hell. I'm kind of glad I didn't know of it when it first came out, because then I'd not have had the pleasure of enjoying it now.

But some of the fanfic has fallen prey to one of the worst habits I've noticed over the years, which is of describing various (male) characters as "the tracker", "the gambler", "the gunslinger", the whatever. And that's simply not how people tend to think of each other, so it breaks my suspension of disbelief. There you have it. No reason to avert one's eyes from the fanfic, however, overall.

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Author: Apple Cameron
Title: At the Hospital
Fandom: Leverage
Featuring: Nathan Ford, Parker
Spoilers: The 12-Step Job, The Maltese Falcon Job
Notes: Angst.

At the Hospital )
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Apparently it was a Sci-Fi Channel miniseries, maybe around '04 or '05 or something? Tim Hutton and Kari Matchett, Randy Quaid, and a little girl who I swear looks like Drew Barrymore only isn't (Gage Golightly).

Anyways, if you haven't seen it, and you've got a Tim Hutton thing these days courtesy of Leverage, you could do a whole hell of a lot worse. Not sure how anyone would write fic for it, but that's not the only reason to watch a show, right?
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Having watched Season 1-2 of Leverage, here's a little fic.

Fandom: Leverage
Category: gen, episode follow-up, vignette
Spoilers: Up to and through Season 2 finale, “The Maltese Falcon Job”
Notes: Nate POV

Safe )
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I've finished putting all my Stargate SG-1 stories in my Dreamwidth memories (having previously tagged them, but I'm not a fan of the tag search results page), and am now slowly putting them on AO3. I've got 12 up so far, of over 70, so this little project will take a while. My few Blake's 7 stories are up there and on the B7 fic archive Hip Deep in Heroes.

Meanwhile, have really loved reading Star Trek Reboot fanfic! Which is funny, because I was never hugely into reading ST fanfic. Who knows, maybe I'm just older or something and my tastes have changed. Or maybe the new kids are just so much more sexual it's easier to see. Whatever.
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OK, since I've had this idea ever since importing my entries from LJ to DW, I'm memorializing it. Anyone who takes the design and runs with should give me kudos or something.

Open memories page for user X on LJ and open DW db connection to user X' account
Scan each memory keyword/category on page.
For each, click and load LJ page for that memory, retaining the keyword/category (M)
Scan each line/memory on memories page for that M,
if line scanned is date/title and link to user X's LJ page (so, a self-reference memory)
search DW db for same date/title for user X' to see if imported into DW
if found, add memory under same keyword/category(ies) M on DW.
if date/title and link to a non-LJ page (so, some external site)
add memory under same keyword/category(ies) M on DW.
if date/title and link to a non-self LJ page (so, some other LJ)
scan for username of that LJ to see if same user on DW.
if found, open DW db connection to that user's account and look for a matching entry (see if they imported their LJ, including that entry, to DW)
if match found, add memory to that imported DW page.
(in the alternative, spider that user's LJ, if you don't have access to their db contents, for matching date/title from their import, and then add memory of that imported DW page.)

Given that it's been this much time and I have yet to familiarize myself with the devkit for DW, my writing this tool is very unlikely.
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(One thing I often got a kick out of were LJ's seasonal themes.)
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Claim in comments!

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"The Invisible Man," staring Vincent Ventresca and Paul Ben-Victor.

Gee, next I'll take up watching "Highlander" or something.

(ETA to fix embarrassing typo.)
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Ooooo! I like it.

Would Servalan be Col. Bishop, or would Travis? Hmmmm. And which version of the seven?

It could work this way with some heavy re-writing to add a plot about putting the king on his throne (sounds like some warped "Sea Hawk" in here, too, then).

1. Backstory between Blood (Avon) and the man who would be king (Blake) to connect their plotlines.
2. Blood's nemesis is Bishop (Servalan), but Blake's is Capt. Lavesseur (Travis, who really should be played by Basil Rathbone), who is secretly working against the king's ascension when he hooks up with Blood. That helps keep the two plots together and makes the Captain deliciously evil.
3. Ship's master Pitt would probably be Vila, then. But there needs to be an air of Cally/Dayna to him - perhaps split the role b/w two characters? First mate and a Ship's Master? Master and Navigator?
4. Perhaps Del Tarrant is one of the Spanish who Blood treats with in order to escape, and then joins up with him.
5. Maybe Blake is Arabella and the man who would be king at the same time. Hm...
6. And Soolin is a pirate, through and through, but an honorable one. More or less.

Of course, with this many mods, I'll wind up writing it as original fiction and not a fanfic piece at all. :-)
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Author: Apple Cameron
Title: When Gods Meet
Fandom: Blake's 7
Pairing: Blake/Avon
Category: Gauda Prime fixit story
Spoilers: well, yes.
Notes: Soolin POV.

When Gods Meet )
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OMG, there's fanfic for the film "The White Countess"! And, damn, it's good.

AO3 rules!

Nov. 26th, 2009 06:21 pm
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I'm migrating stories, starting with my small fandoms first. (POTC, Sports Night, Due South, 13th Warrior, Starsky & Hutch, Blake's 7 - the latter only small due to time, I think.) I'm afraid to tackle all my Stargate stories. I'm mean, shee-it.

Sometimes things load slow, but I suspect that's an artifact of everyone migrating stories at the same time.

This is hella fun. One, I'm wandering through my own work with a different eye. Two, I'm stumbling over work of friends and strangers I'd long forgotten. Three, I have so few days devoted to simple pleasures, it is a sweet feeling to spend my Thanksgiving amongst beloved objects.
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A Babylon 5 icon of Ivanova with the caption "Right Hand of Vengeance".


Nov. 21st, 2009 09:51 am
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An Archive of Our Own invite! Awesome, thanks!

ETA: poking around - looks great!
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Author: Apple Cameron
Title: Dear Avon
Fandom: Blake's 7
Pairing: Blake/Avon, not explicit
Summary: A love letter
Spoilers: generically set in 3rd/4th series

Dear Avon )
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Author: Apple Cameron
Fandom: Blake's 7
Pairing: pre-slash (maybe) Avon/Vila
Spoilers: Terminal, Rescue
NB: comes before Orbit

Mourning )


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